Attar Hina Perfume Oil

Pure Attar Perfume Oil Collection. These exclusive perfume oils are infused in pure Argan Oil in colorful atomizers.  Size 10 ml.

Hina Oil is extracted from the Henna plant.  Hina has great heat, thus giving it the ability to excite the passions of love. It is a very grounding oil, nourishing the heart energy and clarifying the mind.  It also has the ability to relieve headaches. 

*Note: Apply oil over the extended right hand, palms down. Rub the oil over the chin, onto the wrists, and across the chest. When addressing mental or emotional conditions, put one or two drops of oil onto a piece of cotton or tip of finger on right hand. Place onto ridge like edge of the right ear, just above ear opening (not inside ear). In the right ear, at this point of placement, five cranial nerves come together to form a nerve mass, which are life regulating points. You can also simply inhale the oils for mental & spiritual clarity. The oils work in conformity with the body's own healing energies.

*If adverse reaction, discontinue.

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